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Official, professional site for author, speaker and blogger Karl Giberson. 


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Karl Giberson

Writer's Log: Stardate: 2-1-12

Several of my students in the writing workshop have started blogs about their work in the class. This one went up today, and it is really nice.  Here is the opening and you can to the link below to see the rest, together with a disturbing photograph.

"There is a line in my town, and it goes straight across the middle. Unlike most lines in most towns–ones dividing sides of the road, ones graffitied through stop signs by some restless delinquent–you cannot see this line. Visitors wouldn’t stop and wonder at its existence, absentminded teens wouldn’t walk one foot in front of the other on it to test their balance. Most people, especially those who call my city their home, would deny its existence to anyone who asks.

There is a line in my town, and even if you can’t see it, you know immediately when you’ve reached the other side. Things are less flashy and brand-name. No more malls, movie theaters or chain restaurants. The houses lack fresh paint and the streets aren’t clean. Depending on where you’ve crossed, everything might be solely in Spanish. There isn’t a white person in sight, except one or two homeless men walking with cigarettes hanging from chapped lips. You wouldn’t recognize this half of Tyler, Texas in the slightest if you’ve only been on the other side.

Writer's Log Supplemental: Stardate: 2-1-12

I am in Chico, CA. It is 1:30 in the morning by my clock.  I am exhausted.