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The Writer in the Airport

Karl Giberson

Writer’s Log: Stardate 15-2-12

This is my final of several posts from California. In an hour I head for Idaho, speaking at College of Idaho tonight and then finishing my trip at Northwest Nazarene University with my buddy Tom Oord, one of thefew people  more reviled by fundie witchhunters (aka, "Concerned Nazarenes") than I am.

At the moment I have a brief layover in the San Francisco airport—my fourth of this trip. And, amazingly, my friend Greg Carmor, the Gordon Chaplain, comes up to chat with me for a while, a welcome break from the blandness of the bustle around me. Greg is in CA for a conference of college chaplains.

So much for being totally anonymous in airports…

Last night I gave my first public presentation on The Anointed at Seattle Pacific University and a historian, Mike Hamilton, responded. (The only previous event had been a book signing at the ENC library.)  I was anxious to see if the content of The Anointed would be controversial in any way at SPU, as it was feared to be at ENC. It was not and, if anything, the discussion highlighted the widespread agreement among evangelicals that something has gone deeply wrong with our collective intellect. One well known Biblical scholar in the audience suggested that the term “evangelical” has become so contaminated with anti-intellectual and political overtones that it should be abandoned.

I also just got some communications about some of my other books.

InterVarsity sent me this notice a moment ago: “I saw this morning that your book arrived in our warehouse! I made sure that your order of one box is being sent out to you ASAP. I'll send along the 10 comp copies for your students. Editorial will ship you your 10 author copies.”  This is the book The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in a Fine-Tuned World.  I negotiated with InterVarsity to provide free copies for the students in my writing workshop at Gordon—this is their second free book.

My literary agent also just emailed me that the check for my royalty advance for my book about Adam has finally been cut, many months after the project was bought by my publisher.  It is a good thing that I am not paying the bills with my royalties--not that very many bills could be covered by my humble royalty checks.

And, finally, Tom Oord has been re-reading Saving Darwin and posting quotes from it on facebook. The quotes are generating interesting commentary. 

I have to say that I like the writer’s life.